Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sceneries of Borneo

Every few years or so, there will be a mast flowering event in certain areas of the forest, where the dipterocarp trees all simultaneously flower and fruit. The “trigger” for such an event has been speculated to be a period of drought and sunspot activity. When such mast flowering occurs, the forest canopy is transformed into a brilliant mosaic of yellow, brown, orange and even purple, all in varying shades of colour.
Time-lapse of clouds formation and dissipation showing a great understanding on how these wonders of nature are formed.
How the forest looks like and sounded during a rainstorm
As Kinabatangan River flows, the clouds moves along with it. The shapes and movements of the sky are mirrored on the surface of the river.
The forest canopy of Danum Valley captured emitting clouds into such spectacular dancing waves, which in the process recycling water vapor. Thus, it is the coolest layer of the forest.

Sunrise above the forest canopy captured in amazing time-lapse photography
Mt. Kinabalu magically sleeps as the clouds curtain around it

As the sun sets at Tanjung Aru Beach, Sabah, Malaysia

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