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Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands, Sandakan

The Kinabatangan River is a river near Sandakan, SabahMalaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second longest river in Malaysia, with a length of 560 kilometres from its headwaters in the mountains of southwest Sabah, to its outlet at the Sulu Sea, east of SandakanKinabatangan is known for its remarkable wildlife and fascinating habitats such as limestone caves at Gomantong hill, dryland dipterocarp forests, riverine forest, freshwater swamp forest, oxbow lakes and salty mangrove swamps near the coast.

Lower Kinabatangan-Segama Wetlands is Sabah’s First and Malaysia’s largest RAMSAR site of 78,803 hectares. It is recognized internationally as an important wetland area and an attraction for people who find solace in the presence of the wilds and its stunning bird life.  See link here:
The scenic meandering river of  Lower Kinabatangan near Abai village 
Sandakan town and the gateway to the Kinabatangan river

The 'extended arm'  Rhizophora species dominates the mangrove forest here
Ficus tree along the river a favourite perch for Kingfishers

Fiddler crabs communicate by a sequence of waves and gestures, males have an oversized claw or chela; used in clashes of ritualised combat of courtship over a female and signal their intentions between conspecifics.
This fish out of water has adapted to living mostly on land.

Passing through the mangrove forest outlining the river banks....

Blue-eared kingfisher
Oriental darter (snakebird)
Bornean ground cuckoo (endemic)

Rhinoceros hornbill

Crested goshawk
Many unique mangrove species, such as Mangrove whistler, Mangrove blue flycatcher and long-tailed parakeets... You gotta be there!
Long-tailed parakeet
Tiger shrike
Mangrove whistler 
Some common sightings are the Wreathed hornbills, the Stork-billed kingfisher, Ruddy  kingfisher and Blue-ared kingfisher, Common Flameback woodpecker, the resident Mangrove Whistler, Scarlet Minivet, Lesser and Greater Leafbirds...

The visitor Lesser adjutant
The 'melancholic singer' Mangrove Blue flycatcher
The stunning Ruddy kingfisher
Changeable -hawk eagle (pale morph)
Proboscis Monkey in the nipah swamps
Proboscis Monkey in the nibong palms
Estuarine Crocodile 'lurking' 
Orang Utan feeding on Sonneratia fruit
A rare sight of dominant male Orangutan feeding on nipah shoot 

Pitcher plant - Nepenthes ampullaria

What to bring?
Recommended lenses:
200-500mm lens
200-400mm lens
Camera rain cover
Personal effects: 
Lightweight clothing or Cotton shirts
Long sleeves
Walking shoes
Lightweight rucksack
Personal Toiletries
Birds of Borneo and Mammals of Borneo books
Poncho / Raincoat

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Film Fixing in Sabah

'Girls in the Wild' - Eyeworks TV Denmark
A group of spoiled Danish secondary school girls, used to the comforts of the civilized world, learns how difficult it is to survive under the harsh conditions of the wild. Their parents have given them everything that their middle-class lifestyle could afford, and now they are stuck with needy, pampered children. Their only choice is to send them to spend two weeks on Borneo – physically demanding tasks will teach the girls to take care of themselves, with only basic supplies, and under the supervision of cameras and a strict leader.

'Girls in the Wild' - Eyeworks TV Denmark

Red and Ronin on cable dolly in the jungle

Red and Canon 50mm-1000mm lens, the ultimate wildlife film rig 

Paddy and Sally - 'Gypsy Adventure' - Endemol
'Wildest River' - The Kinabatangan

iTV UK - Paul O Grady 'Animal Orphans'
iTV UK - Paul O Grady 'Animal Orphans'
Bayerischer Rudfunk, German TV –  'The BIG Five'   
Bayerischer Rudfunk, German TV –  'The BIG Five'
Makeworld Media, Singapore – Eating Wild
With Nigel Marven and Anis Nabillah
Betty TV, UK – 'Kings of the wild' 

'Conquest of the skies' with Sir David Attenborough and Anthony Giffens

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